Bad design pervades the world.

Whenever users must stop and think how to accomplish a task, the design has failed.

Whenever users must configure a system to accomplish a task, the design has failed.

The more time users spend on extra work instead of accomplishing tasks, the more the design has failed.

These observations apply universally: web applications, consumer products, legal contracts, regulations, laws, service bureaus, more. Bad design wastes time and slows people down. It's broken.

Systems and products exist to help, not hinder. They fulfill a need and create value, not generate make-work. Make-work designs are broken.

These designs are simply BAD: Broken As Designed.  They are so unusable they wipe-out any value users or customers hoped to reap.  In some cases, BAD systems deliberately encumber people in order to disadvantage them.

These notes highlight broken design and suggest workarounds, alternatives, and recommendations for fixes. Registered readers are welcome to add their own findings, and links to valuable design sites, guides, and examples of good design are especially welcome.

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